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Parked Domain Names – I happen to own a couple domain names and I read this article about someone who made money from parked domains. So I thought why not give it a try? – The principle of this business is to have domains that have some traffic. Then sign up with a parking service, [...]

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– Now ideally your site will get some traffic and apparently the way to make money doing this business seriously is to find a recently expired domain that has traffic from the previous owners (old links etc.). There are services that you can buy that will show you traffic stats on recently expired domains. I personally wouldn’t get into that stuff until I was sure that there was some profit to be made.
- If you want to find a recently expired domain for free you can do a search here.
[update: I found another excellent site for finding expired domains. Click on today's date and you'll get very complete list of the domains expiring today.]
If you enter “money” into the box the first several listings will be domains available today with there word money in them. You can register the domain for cheap (as low as $6.95) by searching for domain registrars on Google. The trick is to pick a name that someone may type in directly to a browser address bar.
- My domains are and I signed up with this parking service. There are others and they have various flavors of payments and services and conditions (read the fine print!).
- The last step is to update the DNS settings of your site. You’ll get the values to enter from your parking service and you need to enter them with your registrar. It takes up to 48 hours for the redirection to kick in and the site to be parked with the new company. This will be different for Adsense or other revenue services. But for me that’s it. The world’s simplest online business complete.

All that’s left is to sit back and count the cash when it roles in. I will update this story when/ if any revenue is sent my way.

[updates, revenue and stats on how the parking is doing are here]
- Please don’t run out and buy a bunch of domain names and expect to make a ton of cash based on this story. Notice how I didn’t spend a penny and I won’t until I see what kind of money can come in.


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