RSS Latest News – How to for Your Site

I’ve discovered a couple new ways to play with RSS feeds to get the RSS latest news. This is the first method, I’ll give the second one in a post later today. The first of these comes from the IceRocket search engine. At first, it is an SE just like Google, MSN etc. however, there are [...]

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Good Business & More Fun with

I’ve discovered three new useful features from that I wanted to write about. Before I do, I’ll tell you how I discovered them. About 2 hours after last story I received and email from someone at IceRocket, thanking me for writing about them. Now that’s good business! And at Smart Money Daily we love good [...]

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How About a Domain Name Revolution?

by SMD · 1 Comment 

Have you tried looking for a decent .com domain name lately? Overall Domain Name Registrations at 76.9M Names Global Registrations Rise Eight Percent Over Q4 2004; Growth Driven by Strong Global Economy, Growing Base of Internet Users, and online Advertising; China, Japan and South Korea Among Leaders in Worldwide Domain Registrations. [You can read all [...]

[Read more →] or widget– Silly. But it’s either that or something like, and who’s going to remember that.

What I’m proposing is a gentle revolution. A mechanism whereby if you can prove to an independent party that you’re going to put the domain name to a better use than the current owner, then by paying that owner the value of the name, you get it. I mean it must be 50% of all decent domain names are spam sites and link farms. Let’s recycle those into useful cyberspace. Internet gentrification?

Okay so yes, I know I’m being silly, what I’m proposing ain’t democratic and all. Here’s a little treat for those of you still reading: while searching for others who feel similar to me [real journalists call it...uh...research...I...think] I discovered the expired domain list. Enter your keywords and get the list back…I actually discovered a couple that matched what I was searching for. Good—luck-to–you–too.
Update: There may be a 12 – 14 month banned from Google for previously registered domains so please do your own do diligence.


“not smart but want to be rich”

Getting Rich by Being Honest? I was looking through my logs this morning and in the key phrases used on search engines section I found this gem: “not smart but want to be rich”. Here’s the search on MSN, my site comes up about 9th. That is a terrifically sweet thing to search on. I [...]

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The Stock Market is Easy

This is a little game to prove my bold headline. Have a friend make photocopies of a few stock charts. Black out the stock name and symbol. Then cover all but the far left 1/4 inch of the chart with a piece of paper. It should look like this to start: Now start with 1000 shares. The game [...]

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Carnival of Personal Finance #1

I am participating in a cool idea called “Carnival of Personal Finance“. It is a weekly collection of blog stories related to personal finance. The idea was hatched by Flexo over at Consumerism Commentary and based on the Carnival of the Capitalists. Here are the guidelines: In this case, a “Carnival” is a weblog post that [...]

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Succeed By Embracing Reality

by JS · 2 Comments 

Competitor or partner?…it’s all in the Point of View In my last article, I told of meeting an extraordinary gentleman by the name of Albert Koopman. That night Albert told many fascinating business stories, but this one really stayed with me… The story is set in South Africa and the opening of two McDonald’s restaurants in [...]

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Albert Koopman – The China Dragon Fund

Last night I had the pleasure to attend a talk by Albert Koopman. Not only was the talk highly entertaining but enlightening as well. Here’s a little taste of his bio: “These businesses were under Albert’s directorship and management: Metro Cash and Carry comprised of 117 stores totaling $1 billion with 3000 employees; Cashbuild Cash [...]

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Robert Kiyosaki to Speak at Toronto Weekend Event

  Robert Kiyosaki to Speak at Toronto Weekend Event “Are you ready to take charge of your financial well-being? If you answered YES, then clear your calendar because this weekend (June 18 and 19) you have an opportunity to learn directly from the man who started it all! That’s right – for the first time [...]

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Stock Pick Follow Ups

I’ve wanted to follow up on the three stock picks that I have made on this site. #1. Let’s start with the biggest blunder. On March 22, 2005, I ran ”Why I would Short Google Immediately” At the time GOOG was trading for $188 a share and had a P/E of 123. Now? Despite falling 3.5 today it [...]

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