Abe Lincon got it

Just a quick post that goes with my last story about the need for careful business planning. This is the toughest business lesson to get because of the rush of adrenaline that comes with a new idea and the lack of tangible results that are experienced during the planning stage. But Abe clearly got it: [...]

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I’m a Rookie Venture Capitalist

by SMD · 5 Comments 

One of the dreams I have, as my businesses progress is to set up a venture capital fund. For one I love the idea of analyzing a young business to see if it has what it takes to grow into something big. Another very attractive aspect to  this idea is that you are in the [...]

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Anything That Can Be Measured, Can Be Improved

by SMD · 10 Comments 

One of the things I love about a business on the web is the stats! In my last business, making picture frames, you had to actually ask people questions – very inefficient, to find out what was really going on in your business, but on the web, virtually everything is measured! So as part of [...]

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Carnival Monday

This weeks Carnival of Personal Finance is up at Consumerism Commentary. It’s the best carnival yet with 24 entries including: “How Not To Build An Online Business”, “Beware of Horrible Advice” and “Another Kind of Hell”. I’m also participating in this week’s Carnival of the Capitalists which you can check out at View from a [...]

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Nasdaq – Party Like it’s 1999

Chinese search engine company Baidu made it’s debut today on the Nasdaq. The IPO price was originally set at $19 but just before release it was re-pegged at $27. Ticker BIDU has been live for about 3 hours as I write and is currently trading for $78! I’m having a weird feeling that I slipped [...]

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Pollution as Commodity

Redemption for your SUV is in sight thanks to a new trading exchange: The Chicago Climate Exchange. CCX is the world’s first and North America’s only voluntary, legally binding rules-based greenhouse gas emissions allowance trading system. The Chicago Climate Exchange® (CCX®) is a greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction and trading pilot program for emission sources [...]

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I’m Not Very Good at Being Rich [Yet!]

by SMD · 2 Comments 

I’ve taken a week’s holiday from work so I can work on my business [who else does that!]. The obvious reason is to put in some solid hours pushing my various projects forward. But the other, possibly more important reason to do this is to allow myself a taste of the freedom that I am [...]

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AdSense Webinar Tip

I just finished listening to the Google AdSense team’s latest webinar. While most of the tips were the standard fair that can be found on the AdSense website however there was one tip that I thought was worthy of passing on. A question was raised about how to know where the high priced keywords will [...]

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AskJeeves Launches Advertising Network

by SMD · 1 Comment 

Yahoo news is reporting today that popular search engine  Ask Jeeves is launching an advertising service to compete with Google’s AdWords program. Ask Jeeves’ marketing system, scheduled to debut Monday, follows the same model that has been generating tremendous profit growth for Google and another Internet powerhouse, Yahoo Inc. during the past three years. Now [...]

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Carnival Mania [Capitalists & Personal Finance]

I decided to broaden my horizons this week and entered two online carnivals. The first is the Carnival of Personal Finance which was created by Flexo over at Consumerism Commentary and is being hosted this week [#7] by In Cash Flow We Trust. The Carnival continues to grow in the quantity and quality of articles. [...]

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