7 Costly & Common Mistakes of Rookie Investors

We’ve all seen the figures of how if you start investing just a little each month when you are 30 or even 40, rather than waiting until you are 50, those extra years of interest can result in generating hundreds of thousands of dollars more for your retirement. With this in mind, many people have [...]

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Pros and Cons of Payday Loans

by SMD · 5 Comments 

No matter what area of business you look at, each industry has its gray areas or topics that are constantly the seed of heated debates.  The payday loan industry is no exception. Payday loans and payday loan lenders have been a constant topic of debate among financial analysts, customers, lenders and the like.  Whether you [...]

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Self Directed IRAs are a Hot Commodity

There’s a new way to direct an IRA and it doesn’t involve a high paid stock broker. Self directed IRAs are becoming much more popular as hard working people look for new ways to put their money to work. Everything from start up businesses to real estate projects to investment options are being added to [...]

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