Carnival of Personal Finance 102nd Edition

The 102nd Edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance is up at Money Smart Life. Here’s some highlights: Investors vs. Speculators :: which one are you? (a favorite topic of mine) Why start saving for retirement now? Get over procrastination and get started, you’ll be glad you did. Paul advises us not to rent but [...]

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Top 5 Ways to have a Crappy Credit Rating

Bad credit can be like a disease that simply gets worse over time. When you begin to have bad credit, you always think you’ll repair it at some point. Then you look back and it has been ten years with bad credit and no end in sight. People with bad credit seem to all do [...]

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How Skipping One Phone Call Cost Me $100k

by SMD · 3 Comments 

I hung up the phone and told my wife…”the landlord died, and her kids are going to sell our house.” My wife was close with the landlord, but grief aside, we knew this was going to put us in a financial pickle. You see we live in the hottest housing market in North America and [...]

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Top 5 Reasons Why You’ll Be Poor When You Retire

Saving for retirement is all about having the right mindset. Many people are content to go through their lives, blowing money left and right on things that they don’t need. They live for today and never think about what the future might hold. These people are neglecting their golden years of retirement and they will [...]

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Carnival of Personal Finance 100th Edition

Check out the 100th edition (!!!!!!) of the Carnival of Personal Finance at My Open Wallet.

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To Bankruptcy and Back: My Story

by SMD · 10 Comments 

I invited a friend of mine to share his experience of bankruptcy. The following is a true story… Hopefully, you’ll never have to face the decision of whether or not to declare bankruptcy. But for those of you who are in a situation in which it’s time to at least consider it, I can tell [...]

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5 Ways to Make Money from Global Warming

by SMD · 9 Comments 

As every investor knows, the easiest way to make money is to ride long term trends. Every indication suggests that the issue of global warming is a long way from going away; on the contrary it is only beginning to gain traction on the agendas of governments around the world. The following are 5 ways [...]

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Foreclosures Bring Market to Near Standstill

March wasn’t a good month for home sales, as they posted one of the largest drops in nearly 18 years. The cause of this drop is a recent issue dealing with failed mortgage deals, as more Americans struggled to keep their home out of foreclosure. Economists and real estate experts are concerned about the near [...]

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