Getting Out of Credit Card Debt

Paying off credit card debt can take decades for many people, especially folks who are only making minimum payments. However, many people are surprised at how easy it can be to find extra money each month to tack on to their credit card payment and how fast they can get out of debt by doing [...]

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A To Do List System for Financial Success

It’s something we all dread, yet there is no known way to get around it. If you are going to have a successful, efficient and financially comfortable life, you’ve got to learn a “to do “system that works for you. breaks down the to do list systems in their recent post, the Art of [...]

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FHA Lending: More than Your Average Mortgage

The Federal Housing Administration, or FHA, is well known for giving loans to help first time buyers and those with less than perfect credit become homeowners. Less well known are the many other programs offered by the FHA to help with everything from disaster relief to streamline refinancing. Here’s a look at a few of [...]

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6 Major Flaws in iPhone. Will Consumers Still Spend the Money?

Is the iPhone the smartest phone for the average consumer’s money? The iPhone is already getting positive reviews. But most reviewers so far, while in awe of the trademark Apple elegance and beauty, also have some serious concerns. What remains unknown at this point is this: Once the first wave of hype buying cycles through, [...]

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91 Ways to Wealth: Carnival of Personal Finance #106

by JS · 1 Comment 

Some highlights from this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance hosted at The Digerati Life. Cash Money Life features a whitty little spin-off of the Vatican’s 10 Commandments for Driving called The 10 Commandments of Money. My favorite is #5 : Thou Shalt Not Keep Up With The Joneses (Thou Shall Not Covet Thy Neighbors Money): [...]

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How to Buy a HUD Home: Part Four

Part four of a four part guide to buying a HUD home Paying for your New Home Once you have found this dream home, you have to pay for it somehow. This is one way in which the HUD market and the private sector are quite similar. These homes are generally less expensive than those [...]

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HUD Home Buying: Part Three

Part three of a four part guide to HUD Home Buying Finding the Right HUD Home for You There are some fundamental differences between HUD homes and homes on the private market that you should be aware of when going into the process. Since HUD homes are usually foreclosed and are built in a unique [...]

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Guide to HUD Homes Part Two

Part Two of a four part article on buying a HUD home The Pre-Buying Phase of HUD Home Buying After you have crunched all of the hard numbers and figured out home much home you can afford, then there are certain things you must keep in mind. Buying a HUD home, like with any other [...]

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How to Buy a Hud Home: What You Need to Know

Part one of a four part guide to buying a HUD home Most people dream of one day owning a perfect dream home. While some lucky folks make that hope a reality, there are plenty others who are left wanting for their dream. Fortunately for those folks, there are new, exciting ways to become a [...]

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Is Buying a House a Sound Investment?

by SMD · 5 Comments 

Robert Aronen of the Motley Fool recently wrote an article discussing whether or not buying a home is a poor investment. That article, titled The Worst Investment Ever. Aronen spends the majority of his time breaking down the ins and outs of why owning a home is not a prime investment. In his article, Aronen [...]

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