The relax tax: the Wisdom of Wasting Money

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Part of mastering money is knowing when to throw it away. It’s happened to all of us: That moment we realize we just spent 20 minutes to save a buck or two– looking for a cheaper parking place, driving to a slightly cheaper gas station, or hunting for the slightly better bargain- and we wonder, [...]

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5 Practical Mortgage Shopping Tips

If you are in the market for a mortgage this summer, then there are some things you need to know. Being armed with knowledge is never a bad thing when making an important decision like choosing a lender. The recent housing slump has caused some serious changes in the mortgage lending market and these changers [...]

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Personal Finance Haikus

The poetry of financial drama.  is holding a personal finance haiku contest.  The deadline is June 15 th 2007.  They’ve already received some submissions, including: New card came in mail This one has RFID I don’t want it now My friend buys work lunch Plus three sodas each workday That’s 2000 a year , [...]

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5 Tips for Surviving a Housing Market Collapse

Money Thought   With average house prices in the United States continuing to plummet and no real end to the housing market downturn in sight, it is important that homeowners make the right decisions. The market will recover eventually, but until then, home owners should try to just survive. These are five tips for surviving [...]

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Daunting One Question Financial Intelligence Quiz

This quiz has only one question… “Which is more valuable, $14,000 now, or $100 a month for the rest of your life, beginning when you are 65 (in my case 20 years away)?” Let me answer the quiz question with a real life story… About 6 months ago I quit my well paid government job. This [...]

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5 Factors That Can Make Buying a Home Impossible

Homeowners in the United States are quite the semi-exclusive group. They come from many different backgrounds and socioeconomic zones, but they each have one very important thing in common. They took the initiative to earn a down payment, get approved for that loan, and purchase their first home. If you are wondering why you aren’t [...]

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