Press releases for your small business

If you run a small business in a small town, press releases can generate some pretty big buzz. That’s because small-town newspaper reporters are always looking for something — anything! — to write about. Issuing a press release about your business can make their job easier and result in free publicity for you! Why Would [...]

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The Federal Reserve and the Stock Market

The stock market went on a real roller-coaster ride today. The Dow Jones Industrial Average was hovering around +/- 0 for the day up until about 2:14 PM. Then, out of nowhere, wham!, a 120 point drop! By 2:36, the Dow had dropped another forty-eight points — 168 points in just twenty-eight minutes! But then, [...]

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112th Carnival of Personal Finance: Best Week Ever!

The Frugal Law Student has posted the 112th Carnival of Personal Finance, and it is a riot. Mimicking the popular VH1 show, The Best Week Ever, Brett McKay has assembled an awesome collection of personal-finance articles along with hilarious, show-inspired commentary, like: Spent all week chastising yourself for paying $1.50 for bottled tap water? (That’s [...]

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The Minimum Wage Debate

The federal minimum wage recently went up from $5.15 an hour to $5.80 an hour. That’s still too low a wage for most people to live on, as is the $7.25 it will be boosted to by 2009. It’s unfortunate that anyone has to earn less than $13,000 a year ($5.80 * 40 * 52 [...]

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How to Make a Half-Million Dollars by Saving on Your Car Insurance

Could there be a more boring subject in the world than car insurance? Even personal-finance buffs like us tend to get heavy eyelids at the thought of reading yet another generic article called “Ten Tips to Save Money on Car Insurance” — is it just me, or are they all the same? And besides, how [...]

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Bankruptcy: Rarely the Right Choice

When our founding fathers established the United States of America, one thing they wanted to handle differently was the treatment of debtors. In Old Europe, people who were unable to pay their debts were thrown into prisons — or in the famous case of Australia, shipped off to a debtors’ colony. The founders of the [...]

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Want to Increase Your Profits and Lower Your Risk at the Same Time? Think Precious Metals

Historically, gold has been a store of value and the ultimate hedge against economic calamity. As the old Wall Street adage goes, “Put 10% of your assets in gold and hope it doesn’t work.” A recent study by Ibbotson Associates indicates that even in the absence of economic catastrophe, allocating a chunk of your portfolio [...]

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