Do You Need a Financial Planner? What You Should Know

When it comes to personal finances, most of us take things very seriously. Financial planning is probably something that just about every working individual has thought about at one time or another, whether they sat down to devise a plan or they simply mulled over a decision at the dinner table. Hiring a financial planner [...]

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Paper or Plastic? How are YOU Paying for Gifts this Season?

by SMD · 3 Comments 

According to the National Retail Federation, as reported in today’s USA Today, one third of Americans (32%) are paying for their gifts with credit cards. 40% are using debit cards, which act like an instant check, taking money from their bank account, 6% are using checks, and 22% are using cash. It’s interesting how quickly [...]

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The Fair Tax: Is the End of Income Tax On Its Way?

by SMD · 6 Comments 

The Fair Tax movement is something that is gaining steam across the nation, as more and more individuals learn of the new possibilities that might soon exist in lieu of paying income tax. The FairTax movement is making its way across the nation in a way that one might expect a politician to. It seeks [...]

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Six True Stories of People Who Found Cash and Turned it In. Part 2

by SMD · 5 Comments 

Go to Part One of  “Six True Stories of People Who Found Cash…” Found Cash Case #4: Two Garbage men find $5100 in shirt, return it to house. Todd Little and Edwin Workman were working the Friday garbage collection route on New Years Eve, 2004 in Hickory North Carolina, when Workman noticed a “bulge in a shirt [...]

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Six True Stories of people Who Found Cash and Turned it In. Would You Do the Same?

by SMD · 11 Comments 

Being smart with your money isn’t only about investing and budgeting. It’s also about getting to know your attitudes, beliefs and values around money. Not to judge them as right or wrong, so much as just to become familiar with where our choices are coming from. Most of us have considered the question “If you [...]

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3 Bizarre Banking Stories

by JS · 2 Comments 

While going about my work this week I noticed a few rather strange stories all related to banks and banking. So I thought I’d package them up…who says banking is boring? Take a moment to read them over, we’ve got trillion dollar overdrafts, million dollar bills and houses sold with the dead owner still inside! [...]

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