Taxes: How Low (Or High) Can They Go?

I recently ran across an article on the internet entitled Taxes: How Low (Or High) Can they Go? and couldn’t help but take a step back and laugh a little bit. This very simplistic take on a highly involved issue was so rudimentary that it was almost mind boggling. In the article, the author takes [...]

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Should you advertise your small business online?

by SMD · 1 Comment 

The trend is towards more advertising going to online ads every year Long standing marketing techniques seem to be going the way of the dinosaur, so to speak. The ever changing business world seems to have taken a turn again. For decades, businesses depended upon word of mouth to get their product in the mind [...]

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15 Historical & Interesting Bank Checks

by JS · 14 Comments 

The humble bank check day’s are numbered. No one can deny the convenience, ease of use and speed benefits of the modern plastic / electronic fund movement systems. But when you scan through this collection of checks, you made find yourself, like me, feeling a sense of loss. Some of these checks are fantastic historical [...]

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Do Men and Women Spend Differently?

by SMD · 3 Comments 

For this post, a guest writer talks about the spending habits of men and women. Do you agree with him? Does his post seem fair and balanced, or is there some generalized sexism that comes through? I considered not posting it, but I thought it might bring up some interesting conversation. So here it is, [...]

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Some thoughts on “Why I worked this Christmas”

The post “Why I Worked this Christmas (and Always Will)” is Right…in a way If you have not taken the time to read Why I Worked this Christmas (and Always Will) then do yourself a favor and give it a look. Now that the Christmas smoke has cleared, it’s nice to look back on one [...]

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There Are No Secrets to Becoming Wealthy

by SMD · 2 Comments 

Some thoughts to myself, about what it REALLY takes to become wealthy. Every time I pick up a money magazine or log on to a website to read about personal finance, I see the same type of stuff. People are always talking about money and the “secrets” to getting rich. Like most of you, I [...]

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How NOT to make money online: A free Guide

by SMD · 6 Comments 

If you have ever considered trying to meet your personal financial goals through joining in on the online income craze, or if you already have an established online business, This advice may be of interest to you. Here I offer, straight from my own experience, step by step instructions for how NOT to make money [...]

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Tips and Tricks for Raking in Credit Card Miles

With the many credit card options available to consumers in this credit charged market, lenders are constantly under pressure to come up with new, exciting ideas to attract new customers. While low interest rates and miniscule fees are a popular draw, many people demand something better out of their credit card. For some, airline miles [...]

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Retirement Strategy #435: Buy Million Dollar Junk at Garage Sales

by SMD · 5 Comments 

Sometimes the best, and most solid retirement strategies are overlooked because of their simplicity. Like Retirement Strategy #435, for instance. All you have to do- it’s so simple it’s hardly worth mentioning- is buy cheap pictures and picture frames and other junk at garage sales, and then later accidentally discover that your sparkling new $1 [...]

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