Foreclosure Auctions: How to Buy a Foreclosed Home Part Three

Buying foreclosed real estate at auction is becoming more lucrative in recent months, but there are many things about the process that buyers should understand before they walk into the fire. It’s not quite as simple as just going into an auction and bid on a home. There is a laundry list of things that [...]

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For the Love of Money – Valentines Carnival Wrap

No two things go better together, in my mind at least, than love and money so with that in mind let’s take a peak into the personal finance blogosphere and see where the best money making & saving tips are hiding. First up is the Carnival of Personal finance edition #139 (wow, makes me reminisce [...]

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How to Buy Foreclosed Homes: A Quick Guide – Part 2

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The Specifics of Buying Foreclosed Homes Read Buying Foreclosed Homes: Part one With the current sub-prime crisis and the real estate market still somewhat in flux, the opportunity exists for people to take advantage of low prices associated with foreclosures. It’s certainly unfortunate that foreclosures are increasing. But at the same time, it does present [...]

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How to Buy Foreclosed Homes

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We can only hope that the housing crisis ends soon. Its causing good families to lose their homes, and the houses and condos they worked so hard to buy and keep. The reality is, because of the current housing slump and credit crisis, many more foreclosed and could soon be foreclosed houses are being sold [...]

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MymoneyBlog Spot on With 2008 Financial Advice.

A great article There are few instances where I actually agree with a website on quick, pointed financial advice, but I have finally found one that seems to know exactly what it is doing. Heading into the new year,’s “2008 Financial Jump-Start Checklist” is one of the most well informed bits of advice for [...]

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New Barometer Entertaining, Smart Investing Advice

The New Barometer is Painfully Funny, Unfortunately True Richard Browning’s new article, The New Barometer of High Street Misery is an absolutely entertaining and thought provoking piece that I had to read this week when I happened upon it. Browning is as sarcastic as they come, but don’t tell him that. His message is all [...]

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