Money Link Lovin

The Carnival of Personal Finance was hosted at Million Dollar Journey, so here we go with Smart Money Daily’s contractual obligation post of links to the best of this week’s carnival. I enjoyed this post: Technical Analysis: Three most important rules you must know. A brief summary of the thinking behind technical analysis of the [...]

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Personal Finance Link Roundup & a Contest

The latest UK 20 pound noteincludes some fun holograms. Weekly Link Personal Finance Link Roundup SmartyPig is a simple, smart, fun way to save for a specific goal. Using groundbreaking technology and the latest in security standards, SmartyPig allows you to invite family and friends to contribute to your account, gives you additional incentive boosts [...]

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How To Spend Less & Have More Money

A simple system to make you think before you reach for that credit card. For more personal finance articles, you may also want to check out Guy Kawasaki’s newest venture called Budget tip picture by Jeff Keen.

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What’s In Your Wallet? Probably Cocaine!

by JS · 8 Comments 

You know how you always feel a little uneasy going through airport security, even though you know you didn’t do anything and there isn’t really any possible why that you could be guilty of any of the myriad of crimes they are attempting to detect? Well, not so fast…your wallet may just contain enough coke [...]

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Money Link McLovin – Personal Finance Style

A few links to share from worthwhile posts in the personal finance blogosphere. Check out The Open Source Online Finance Guide: 50+ Freeware Online Tools to Manage Your Money free is good… courtesy of The Smart Shopper. It’s a comprehensive list of tools to make managing your finances easier, that are all available free. Another [...]

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