Selling Your Home Series – Part 2b – More FSBO Tips

This is the third part in our “Selling Your Home Series” and just to complicate things I’ve called in number 2b. It is a continuation of For Sale by Owner tips. In the previous article I covered getting ready to sell and advertising tips and in this edition we’ll tackle showing your home in a [...]

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Selling Your Home Series – Part 2 – FSBO Tips

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In the first part of our home selling series, we discussed the pros and cons of selling your own home yourself, better known as For Sale by Owner selling. In this section we’ll begin to look at some tips for selling your home without the aide of a real estate agent. As with any do [...]

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Selling Your Home Series – Part One – FSBO

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In this crazy real estate market, almost from the first day we moved in, my wife and I started thinking of when we would sell our condo and how we would go about it. One of the greatest joys in life is to purchase that first home.  It can be seen as a sign of [...]

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Link Lovin for April & May

Some fancy Mclovin links for this week from posts that I enjoyed 8 Easily Avoidable Causes of Business Debt As an emerging entrepreneur, it is very easy to quickly accumulate debts that are substantial enough to kill your burgeoning business before it even gets off the ground. But it does not have to be that [...]

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7 Ways to Keep Energy Costs Low as the Weather Warms Up

Spring is here and your air conditioner will be running full blast before you know it. Everyone is feeling the pain of rising energy costs each summer, so it’s best to prepare for the spike in your bills beforehand. Luckily, there are little tricks for keeping your air conditioning costs down. Here are seven simple [...]

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