How Rich People Spend Their Time

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Let me ask you a straightforward question…would you like to be rich? A stupid question right, of course everyone wants to be rich. Have you ever thought about what it really means to be wealthy? This week in the Washington Post there was an article that could make the idea of being rich, much less [...]

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5 Ways to Have a Frugal Summer Vacation

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Summer vacations are feeling the crunch of the rising gas prices. Many families are rethinking elaborate travel plans and scrapping them for shorter trips or just staying home. This means you have to be more creative as you re-plan your big summer getaway. While it may seem disappointing to your travel companions at first, they’ll [...]

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Celebrity Foreclosures – How Can it Happen?

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Two big celebrities faced foreclosure this week, as both Ed McMahon and Evander Holyfield joined the more than one million Americans being sucked under by the dive in real estate values. Since we idolize and fanaticize about the live’s of the rich & famous, is there a financial reality lesson here? Ed McMahon Ed McMahon: [...]

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