Become a Billionaire & Have More Power to Indulge Insecurities

There are few people who would turn down the chance to become a billionaire. On second thought; you might stay far away from wanting that level of income after reading this post. It seems that billionaires can be a pretty insufferable and neurotic bunch! Psychiatrist Kerry Sulkowicz has become the ‘go-to guy’ for billionaires all [...]

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Small Donations Make a Big Difference

I’m sure that there have been times when you’ve wanted to help someone but thought that you just didn’t have enough money to make a big difference in the cause you were concerned with. It’s hard to think that a $5 check really helps anyone at all, but it does, and it will. Recently, a [...]

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Can You Teach Kids to Be Rich?

There is a huge problem among today’s youth and young adults: they don’t know anything about money! That’s why you find so many in their early 20′s who are deep in debt and don’t know what to do about it. Is it possible to buck this trend and teach kids how to be rich (even [...]

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