About SMD

  • A documentation of my exploration & understanding of the principles & teachings of Rich Dad author Robert Kiyosaki.
  • An attempt to create an online business that can generate money in a way that doesn’t directly rely on specific units of work – building a pipeline, rather than carrying buckets. The idea is that at first, when the site is young, each article [unit of work] produces only a minimal return. But as the site grows [the number of incoming links, search engine indexed pages and bookmarks] then the ad revenue generated from each unit of work will also grow.
  • A presentation of the lessons that I learned from my past businesses, real estate ventures and stock market investments.
  • A growing collection of information that can be used as a guide for the process of transforming your way of working and expedite your exit from the Rat Race [working for money].
  • The first piece & the cornerstone of a complete web publishing company.
  • The creation of a Blogging style application written in ASP.NET. This will be the platform for many content-rich sites, possibly with an integrated administration.