I wish I had married for money, not love

by JS · 10 Comments 

The concept of marrying for money has always fascinated me. Of course I am a guy and the question primarily comes from a female perspective…but not always. The idea of marrying for money is something that very few would admit to, but yet it happens all the time. It’s considered a “negative” thing to do, [...]

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10 Rags to Riches Billionaires

by JS · 49 Comments 

Feeling the need for a little inspiration on the road to wealth building? I always love to read about people who have beat the odds and made a dramatic rise in their financial situation. What follows are the stories of 10 billionaires who started with nothing and now have it all. Ingvar Kamprad Net worth: [...]

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How Rich People Spend Their Time

by JS · 11 Comments 

Let me ask you a straightforward question…would you like to be rich? A stupid question right, of course everyone wants to be rich. Have you ever thought about what it really means to be wealthy? This week in the Washington Post there was an article that could make the idea of being rich, much less [...]

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5 Ways to Have a Frugal Summer Vacation

by JS · 4 Comments 

Summer vacations are feeling the crunch of the rising gas prices. Many families are rethinking elaborate travel plans and scrapping them for shorter trips or just staying home. This means you have to be more creative as you re-plan your big summer getaway. While it may seem disappointing to your travel companions at first, they’ll [...]

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Celebrity Foreclosures – How Can it Happen?

by JS · 7 Comments 

Two big celebrities faced foreclosure this week, as both Ed McMahon and Evander Holyfield joined the more than one million Americans being sucked under by the dive in real estate values. Since we idolize and fanaticize about the live’s of the rich & famous, is there a financial reality lesson here? Ed McMahon Ed McMahon: [...]

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Find Happiness by Working After Retirement

by JS · 2 Comments 

It is a fact that the workforce is aging out. That means that more and more people will be heading out of the work force in the next ten years. Will there be enough good qualified workers to replace them? It doesn’t look like it. Many baby boomers are returning to the workplace after they [...]

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Five Perfect Jobs for Retirees

by JS · 3 Comments 

If you pay attention to financial and social economic trends (embarrassed to say that I do), you’ll already be aware that people are retiring at a later age all the time. Partly this is due to the fact that we are living longer and therefore need more money to make it from age 65 to [...]

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Selling Your Home Series – Part 5 – Using a Real Estate Agent

This is the final installment of our “Selling Your Home Series.” Today’s article is about using a real estate agent, which has significant advantages over the “for sale by owner” route, but does have a pretty high cost as they usually work on a commission basis. A quick tip before we get into the article: [...]

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Selling Your Home Series – Part 4 – Tips for Using a Real Estate Agent

TIPS FOR SELLING YOUR HOME USING AN AGENT The traditional way to buy or sell a home is with an agent. The agent is there to facilitate the process and to offer advice if needed. They make suggestions but it is the seller who has the ultimate say in how the selling plan is to [...]

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Selling Your Home- Hiring a Realtor

This is part 3 of the Smart Money Daily “Selling Your Home” series. We’ve covered so far: Selling Your Home Series – Part 1 – FSBO Selling Your Home Series – Part 2 – FSBO Tips Selling Your Home Series – Part 2b – More FSBO Tips And now we’re ready to get into the [...]

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