5 Insidious Lies about Selling On the Web

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As a subscriber to Perry Marshall’s mailing list, I received an offer a couple weeks ago to fill out a one-page survey an get an mp3 called 5 Insidious Lies about Selling On the Web.

I was very impressed with the ideas that were presented. Being exposed to alternate points of view can be very rewarding and I have thought of the internet differently since I’ve listened to the recording.

Perry explains that a website is actually a machine that converts visitors, into money. Plain and simple. The goal of every web business is to turn out more dollars per visitor than your competition. Why? So you can afford to buy all your competition’s traffic, so you can make it more worthwhile for them to send their traffic to you than to try and sell to their own customers. Amazon is the obvious example, but the concept applies to smaller scale businesses too.

I found the podcast had many revelations about what operating a business on the internet is all about. A couple other nuggets:

  • The most expensive piece of real estate in America today? The email inbox.
  • Why you should use tangible elements, like a snail-mail newsletter, to give your customers lasting value.
  • How to sell products versus how to sell services. The techniques are different.

If you’re into AdWords or online business in general, this audio is full of insights. I’ve listened to it through 3 times now and learned more each time. You can get it by taking Perry’s one question survey (affiliate links all over the place).

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