Declarative Statement – The Future State

by SMD 

>>This series is based on Michael Gerber’s excellent book The E-Myth Revisited and the article The Business Plan That Always Works from

Most plans are a series of objectives or benchmarks. These describe actions to be taken progressively to complete a process, but what can be overlooked is the inner motivation essential for a plan to succeed.

While these steps are necessary, the business plan the always works is summarized with a simple declarative statement. This statement should be an experience [based on feelings] rather than something to have [based on thoughts].

My declarative statement would look something like this: “I would like to create and run a thriving internet business. A solid business that is built on creating value for it’s customers and attention to detail. A business that easily creates wealth for it’s stakeholders and employees.”

In part 5, we will create a series of reference points to guide the journey.

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