A Couple Cool Sites

by SMD 

Here’s a couple other links that I have been meaning to pass along:

Net Vibes is an Ajax based do-it-yourself portal where you can search 4 major search engines, add flicker modules, your favorite RSS feeds etc. What I also really like about it is the little notepads [I use them as to-do lists] and integration with Writely if you’re into document sharing [or you just don't like Microsoft :) ]. They’re adding cool new features all the time. If you’ve been using Yahoo for your portal, you may find that Net Vibes is a breath of fresh air.

The other one is Robin Good’s Master New Media site. The volume and quality of information on this site is staggering. His tag line is What Communication Experts Need To Know, and you’ll find a little of everything here. The common theme is cutting edge communications with a focus on web technologies. I’ve been a subscriber to the newsletter for 6 months now and it is always very informative.

Both of these sites may be a little geeky for the non-technos out there, but if you dive in they are both excellent tools.

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