Adwords – Relevance, Relevance, Relevance

by SMD 

AdWords – the Other Side of the AdSense Coin
This article is about website advertising from the point of view of the site owner who is trying to bring traffic to their site. These ads are called AdWords. In reality they are the same as AdSense, only from the side of the payee rather than the payout ( AdWords ). Therefore, the ads you see on this site have been created by website owners trying to entice you to visit their site. If you click on one they pay a fee, which gets shared by Google and the owner of the page you were on when you clicked.
Let’s step back and think about what Google and search engine’s in general are. These days a search engines success is measured by how accurately the results they present match what the searcher is looking for. It’s all about Relevance. Relevance is measured by the satisfaction of the searcher. For the search results it is Google’s job to provide relevant results, for AdWords, it is the owner’s job to make the ad relevant to what the searcher is looking for.
There is a hard and fast way that Google measures relevance: the click through rate of your ad! If your ad does not receive 5 clicks out of every 1000 viewings (impressions) Google disables your ad. They are not in the business of putting irrelevant ads on a page.
Now let’s step back again, this time in the direction of the searcher. What is that person thinking when they type a term into Google or they are reading a page with your ad on it? Knowing this is the key to success with AdWords (and probably with business in general).
For my site, it is obvious that they are thinking something about money or starting a business. However, the more detailed that your analysis of the searcher the more relevant your AdWords can be.
Another way to look at it is: What problem are they trying to solve? Now put the solution into the AdWords ad and target your keywords to that problem. Take some time to climb into the skin of the person that you are trying to sell to and you will be on the path to AdWords success.

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