Flunked Out of Trump University!

by SMD 

I took the Trump U Trump Success Profile assessment. It’s designed to tell me what my chances are of becoming successful [or more accurately of becoming Trump!]. Now bear in mind that I tried to be honest, rather than figure out what answer would give me the best score on the test.


  • Business Optimism – 6
  • Self-Promotion – 4
  • Self-Confidence – 3
  • Work Drive – 8
  • Wealth Motivation – 4
  • Work Passion – 9
  • Demand for Excellence – 3
  • Tenacity – 8
  • Resilience – 8

Well disappointing I’d say. Here’s an example of a question that leads to a 3 in self-confidence:

I have a few doubts about my ability to succeed at the highest level in my work and career.
1 2 3 4 5
I have no doubts whatsoever about my ability to succeed at the highest level in my work and career.

So 1 means you have doubts and 5 means no doubts what-so-ever. Anyone, even Trump, who says they NEVER have doubts, I know they are either lying, in deniel or heavily mediated.

The assessment ends with this little gem:

The samples use a standardized 10-point scale like the one below, with Donald Trump’s score in each of these dimensions being 10.

Admittedly no-one had “made it” bigger than Trump, but I don’t believe that denying basic doubts and negative feelings is what has contributed to that success.

Much better to acknowledge those thoughts and feelings and let them be there while you continue to work towards your business goals. That attitude is much more persistent than denial.

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