Google Jacks Up Bid Prices

by SMD 

Just a quick post to test whether or not I’m actually back online, or I’ve begun to hallucinate – [It's like deja vu all over again].

Google Adwords has undergone a pretty dramatic update in the last couple days and I just received and email from Perry Marshcall announcing a short-notice Adwords seminar tonight called “Google Drops The Hammer on Keywords”. The teleconference is intended to clarify the effects these changes will have on both Adwords purchasers and AdSense publishers.

A couple of days ago, Google made what may be the most significant change to their system since AdSense – they totally changed the way minimum bids are set on keywords.

I’ve been on Perry’s mailing list for a while and he is an expert on the topic. The call is free but long distance charges may apply. You can get more info and register here [affiliate link, in case you decide to check out any of Perry other useful Adword products].

Here’s my favorite part of Perry’s website:

Perry S. Marshall & Associates is not taking new clients. The only way to become a candidate for future project work is to fill out a Service Request Form and schedule a paid 30- or 60- minute consultation.

I would say that turning away new clients would be one of my definitions of success. See you on the call.

Updated: the call has passed but it was worthwhile, if you would like to download the mp3 version you can get it here [ Google Drops the Hammer on Keywords mp3 ]

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