GoogleCash – World’s Fastest Business

by SMD 

What’s GoogleCash?

It’s the world’s fastest instant business, really. It works like this:

1) You go to a website that pays commission when visitors
you send there buy, and you sign up for their affiliate program

2) You go to Google and write AdWords ads and send
people to that site

3) You get checks in the mail and your profit is the difference
between your AdWords spend and your affiliate checks. [quote from here]

Here’s a business that is simple and powerful. I’ve written previously about using affiliate programs to create an online store; well this business just eliminates your website from the picture. Essentially you have an online store without having a website.

Here’s how it normally works. You build a website; you sign up for affiliate programs and grab products that you want to “sell” [earn a commission on]. Then you go to Google AdWords and purchase ads that drive traffic to your site. These visitors click on your affiliate links and purchase the items from the parent site and you get a check.

Here’s how it works with GoogleCash: You skip the website, and sign up for affiliate programs [here are a couple affiliate networks to check out: ClickBank & Commission Junction] and choose the products to “sell”. Now you head over to AdWords and set up some ads. But when you enter the link for the ad, instead of entering your website address, you put your affiliate link back to your affiliate partner’s site.

You pay for clicks directly to their site and you get the affiliate revenue from the converted sales. Your profit is the total of your affiliate revenue minus your cost for the ads. Zero overhead to this business.

Skills required: Choosing your affiliate program, and the art of writing effective AdWords copy.

Chris Carpenter has a great eBook that will teach you the ins and outs of GoogleCashing. Also recommended is Perry Marshall’s definitive guide to AdWords. He has a 5 day free email course that will teach you the basics – I learned a lot from it.

The most impressive thing about the GoogleCash business is that there is very little work required and the processes are completely testable. You can monitor the success ratios of all your ads, experiment with various tweaks until they are performing to the max and you are generating substantial income.

A final note: Google AdWords can burn cash. I’d recommend picking up some kind of reference from someone experienced or doing some studying up on the best practices before getting started with the GoogleCash system.

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