Making Address Labels Work For You

by SMD 

If there’s one thing just about everyone can use (aside from a rich and generous relative), it’s address labels. The average household sends out between six and a dozen bills per month, and that’s not counting all those letters to Great-Uncle Delmar, who doesn’t have a phone and doesn’t trust that Inter-web thingy. Besides the fact that your creditors are so incredibly cheap that they won’t spring for the cost of postage anymore, they don’t even make life easier by printing your name and return address on the envelope for you. You have to do that all by hand, leaving you not just with the frustration of dealing with the monthly outgo but also with writer’s cramp. For those of us used to tapping away on the keyboard, this can be especially painful. The solution? Printed return address labels.

A sweet little gift

Since printed address labels are so helpful to you, you might want to consider how others would receive them. Let’s say you run your own business, and want to make some brownie points with your customers or prospective clients. The next time you send them a bill or a pitch, include some free address labels printed with their return address information. The idea is to generate a feeling of gratitude in the minds of those who receive them, and hope they’ll think of you favorably every time they use them. You’ve probably been hit with this strategy before, and it’s a good one. First off, it adds value to the relationship (whether they’ve ever purchased from you or not); labels make for a handy gift; and they’re more affordable for you than the recipient might believe. The best part is they’re free to the recipient. The gift might not stimulate any feeling of obligation, but unless they’re a little too cynical, they might think the better of you for it.

As far as free gifts go, personalized labels are not just inexpensive, they’re versatile. You can key the labels to the recipient’s favorite things, or you can gear them to the season. Holiday address labels are a popular way to go, since almost every month (we’re talking about you here, August) has its own iconic holiday that’s easy to represent on a little 1 x 3 inch strip of gummy paper. If it’s March, send out St. Patty’s Day address labels; October’s for Halloween, and of course there’s the whole Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanzaa/Agnostica thing in December or January (depending upon which part of the world you’re from, and what your religion is). While you can surely find computer software and the appropriate paper to print your little labels on, it’s probably cheaper, in the long run, to pay someone print them for you.

A wee reminder…

Address labels are great for handing out to friends and family too, and if you’re creative, you can think up some new twists for this option. For example, let’s say your Mom has a bunch of grandkids, and she has trouble keeping track of them all. Well, why not give her a sheaf of personalized labels for each of her grandchildren, so that when she sends them a letter or a gift (you know how grandmas are), she can just slap on the grandkid’s special label instead of having to look it up? These days, you can even have address labels personalized with photos, which will make it all the easier for her when she starts mailing out everyone’s favorite cookies!

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