Marketing 101 – No More Disposable Clients

by SMD 

The Secret to Success – Small Marketing.
- The secret to success is to understand that nobody cares about you and your success. They don’t care about how great you say your website is and they don’t care about you marketing strategy. Through over-saturation, we’re all immunized against that stuff. As consumers, we’ve all been used and abused so often that we live in a permanent “what can I get mentality”.
- As a businessperson, we need to understand this. The Internet seduces us into believing that shotgun and mass marketing techniques will actually work. The days are gone that we can treat consumers like walking wallets and they will still fall for it. Unless you are fly by night the Internet actually requires the same, or better, techniques for connecting to your customers as in the brick and mortar world.
- Instead of believing that one more link with the right keyword in it will get you on the front page of Google, go the other direction. Ask a different question.
- “What can I do to get one person to actually like my site enough to put a link to it on their site or email a recommendation to a friend?”
- Let’s break this down into more bite size pieces:
- Who is this person that I imagine coming to my site? Know your client. Age range, gender, salary, likes and dislikes, satisfaction in life, married or single, kids? By answering these questions you gain a better understanding of how to connect with your target. For me this person is probably male; employed but not in a serious career, spends a fair amount of time online and would like to start a business to increase their income.
- Once we have an understanding of the person we are trying to reach, then it’s time to step back and think about one of the fundamentals of business. You create income buy giving people what they want or need. It sounds simple, but there are two subtleties that a lot of people miss in this statement.
1. Giving comes before receiving. It isn’t about ‘what can I get from my customer?’ Business starts with a sincere desire to contribute in some way to someone else’s well-being or quality of life. It doesn’t’ have to be big. To make someone laugh or to make their skin softer are very worthy improvements. The more committed a business is to this principle that greater success they will have.
2. Giving them what they need or want. Does a person who is broke or in debt need money? Lots of people think so, that’s why they fall for get-rich-quick schemes like tacky pyramids or matrix scams. Isn’t what they really want to be able to create more money through honest effort and knowledge and possibly to understand how to gain control over there debts and spending patterns?
- What they are seeking is knowledge of the workings of personal finance. Someone who takes a person like this and sells them an MLM program that obviously isn’t right for them will have a quick 200 bucks, but someone that takes a person like this and begins to teach them how to create a business and/or how to manage their finances will create a customer for life and probably a one person advertising campaign.
- It seems simple, so why don’t we all do this? We live in a disposable society and businesses want disposable customers. They want to deal with you as a member of a group, apply policy to you, get your money and have a system that gently ushers you out their door. They call it “Clean Money”. No complications. It’s the business version of a one-night stand. As a result of this approach there is a huge opportunity for businesses, especially online, that can treat their clients like real people.
- If we allow ourselves to form real relationships and show empathy for the client’s needs and, in the long run, we’ll have more customers than our businesses can handle.

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