Marketing to Women Rampage Continued

by SMD 

I found an excellent resource site in my study [continued from my last story Is it Worth Trying to Market Electronics to Women?] of maketing electronics to women in the form of a blog by Holly Buchanan called Marketing To Women Online – How To Shatter Stereotypes and Understand what She Really Wants.

The story that caught my eye was called Sony TV Targeted at Women and it was a critique of recent Sony ads that attempt to target women with the marketing of their new TVs. The article goes on to question the success of Sony’s approach, but for me, being a stereotypically ‘thick’ male, I really uncovered a key theme of the end of the article.

When women buy things they aren’t as concerned with the stats or technical specs as a man is! What else is there? Just kidding :)

In the story the example given is a husband and wife purchasing a 60″ TV. The man is wanting the 60″ thing, but the wife says he can only get if they can find a cabinet for it to go it that will hide it when it isn’t in use. If my wife ever this she’d be standing and shouting AMEN!

The story continues with a summary saying that a tool like the television advisor tool on Sony’s site is exactly the wrong way to market to women [too technical], while The Flat-Out Truth: 10 Things to Know Before You Buy, even though it is directed towards men, is a more on target sampling of the kinds of questions that women are looking to have answered before they buy.

If you’re interested in the topic of marketing to women, Holly’s blog is a must read.

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2 Responses to “Marketing to Women Rampage Continued”

  1. Jscott on June 12th, 2007 3:59 pm

    I think men BS about the tech stats. I think Women BS about the “so what does it look like” stuff. I mainly think we all BS and that if we did not marketers would be out of jobs. Though I like the 120k pix plus the tiled…ok, nm.

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