Pollution as Commodity

by SMD 

Redemption for your SUV is in sight thanks to a new trading exchange: The Chicago Climate Exchange.

CCX is the world’s first and North America’s only voluntary, legally binding rules-based greenhouse gas emissions allowance trading system.

The Chicago Climate Exchange® (CCX®) is a greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction and trading pilot program for emission sources and offset projects in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Here’s how it works. If you do something that contributes positively to the efforts to reduce greenhouse gases, like installing a wind farm and selling the electricity to your power company, you earn power credits.

Then companies that create an excess of greenhouse gases can purchase credits to allow them to go over the emissions standard and most of all ease their conscience and improve their public relations.

The result is that the polluters are paying the eco-conscious to do the work of reducing greenhouse gases for them.

And speaking of easing your guilt, here comes TerraPass. Their slogan: “Clean up after your car, fight global warming”. As an SUV [or any other gas-guzzler car] owner you have the opportunity to purchase a TerraPass for about $80, display it proudly on your windshield and drive guilt free in the summer smog and brown-outs.

Then TerraPass takes the money and invests it on the Climate Exchange so it goes back to the wind farmers to give them the incentive to continue to produce renewable energy.

This really is capitalism at it’s best. I’m sure that if the pilot project is a success of any sort, we will see governments get involved and force particpation. Sourced from Wired.

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