Promotional Pens Outperform Internet Ads

by SMD 

There’s a very interesting study over at Maketing Serpa [which will only be available online for free until Feb. 24...sign up for their newsletter to get these articles delivered every week], which suggests that giving out tacky promotional pens may benefit the bottom line for your business more than buying ads on the web or during the Super Bowl.

76.1% of consumers studied said they could remember the brand name of a company that gave them a promotional item in the past year — versus 53% who could remember a TV or print ad from the past month, and only 27% recalled an online ad.Promotional products — from logo t-shirts to brand-stamped rose petals — really work. And there’s plenty of research data to prove it.

Which explains why in a search-marketing-mad world the promo products industry is quietly raking in nearly three times more ad dollars.

Yes that’s right; they said 3 times as much spent on promo products as the online ad market. Read the rest of the article here until Feb 24.

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