Revenue Magazine for Affiliate Marketers

by SMD 

Revenue Magazine During a recent vacation I was looking for a magazine to take along and I was surprise to find revenue The Performance Marketing Standard which is dedicated to internet marketing for affiliates.

The Fall 2005 issue featured stories on topics such as click fraud, the future for search engines, how to capitalize on local search trends, blogging, problems with affiliates programs related to spyware, web analytics and the sale of LinkShare Referral Prg. Also featured was an article with Pedro Sostre who is one of Commission Junction’s top affiliates…some of the tips [like that he never pays any attention to keywords for his sites] were surprising. The issue gives some of his URLs so you can check out for yourself how he does it.

Probably the best story for me was called The Myths of Affiliate Marketing. The myths that they convincingly debunked:

  • “It’s good to have white space around your ads”
  • “Use short copy because people won’t read long copy”
  • “Sell the sizzle, not the steak”
  • “Affiliate marketing should entertain and amuse”
  • “Marketing should be changed regularly to keep it fresh and new”
  • “Bad publicity is better than no publicity”

An the last thing to point out in revenue magazineis the ads. For someone recently in the business I was astounded to see how many affiliate networks there were and the variety of programs being promoted. For ~$6 it was a pretty good crash course for some intermediate affiliate marketing concepts.

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