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1. The <title> tag is BY FAR the most important SE notifier. If the title tag (which can be a maximum of 63 characters) is an exact match you will score a high ranking on the search results. On my site I script the title tags dynamically to match the name of each story (page content). If your site has something like your company name or “Welcome” as your title you are missing a big opportunity.
2. Meta tags are a waste of time. Google, and most other search engines, ignores them. Google looks for and analyzes the content of your page, including which words are in Headings (higher importance), Sub-Headings (medium), and Body text (lower); again looking for direct matches to the search terms.

3. Links. Google builds a page rank system (get the Google toolbar to see the page rank for your site and every other site you visit – 4/10 and above is considered pretty good ( gets a 7/10)) based on links to your site. That is why you see almost everyone on forums and blog comments posting a link to their site in their signature. It improves the search rankings to get a link from a popular site like This is especially true if the content of the site that has your link is directly related to the content of your site.

4. How to link. When you get a link to your site, you can make that link even better by including a keyword (a word or phrase that someone searches for) in the link. This tells the SE to target your site to a particular phrase. (to see how effective this technique is, in a mischievous sense, do a search on “Google Bombing”). Here’s an example: rather than just post your link as, post it like this:

<a href=''>Money Making Business Online</a>

this is like targeting your site, or even a specific page, to the keywords in the link.

This is not even close to being a complete discussion of search engine optimization but it is the basics. There are many many sites to dig into the topic deeper.

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  1. SEO India on June 12th, 2007 11:31 pm

    I do agree with you that is the most important tag as far as SEO is concerned, but META TAGS are 2nd most powerful tags. Having wrong tag in your website will put your rankings in trouble. You need to make sure that if META tags have been added to a website they are properly formatted,and are relevant to the content of a website Search Engine Optimization, SEO Company India

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