The Simplest Online Business [update]

by SMD 

Parked Domain Names
[updates from this archived story]
- The parking service has had my sites listed for about 9 days and I wanted to update their status. Here is a screenshot of the stats so far:
parked domain stats
- The first thing that is clear is that this is not a get rich quick scheme! However if I get over that I do have some reasons to smile. First it is obvious that the name does matter. is generating 13 times more hits than (don’t forget there are really only two ways that someone can come to these ‘sites’ – by typing the address directly into the browser, or by an old link). So there is a big importance on selecting the domain name – more on this one later.
- The second is the result of simple math. 365 / 9 * .40 = $16.22. Considering that I can buy a .ca domain name for $11 that is a 47% return on investment. Now I can buy .com domain names for about $7 or less on sale. The ROI, given the same ratios, now jumps to 131%. I like those numbers and I’m beginning to see the beauty of this domain parking business. Granted 9 days is a very short period to extrapolate from.
– The downside I can see is that you would need quite a bit of capital to make a decent income even if every $100 returns $200 you would need to gamble with 10,000 to make 20,000. Of course it’s probably similar to what a lot of people do with the stock market.
- The other big difficulty is finding domain names that will actually get traffic. The most common strategy seems to be to try and find expired domains that had decent sites on them. There are services that claim they can find this information for you (for a fee of course). I’m not a big fan of paying for stuff when I’m not sure of what I’m getting. So here is my version of checking to see if the domain name might have had some traffic.
- Find your domain name, for this example I’ve chosen “” because it recently expired and had the word cash in it (which is a frequently searched term). Now go to the Internet Archive (a cool site to waste some time on!). Type in your domain name and look at the page that is returned. The results for “” are here. Now you can see that actually did have a functioning website (you click on the latest link to see what is in the archive). Unfortunately it hasn’t been updated since Jan. 2004, which means it is over a year inactive. This domain name is probably a 5 out of 10 for our purposes. The next step would be to go to google and find if there are any links to (by entering There are no results, which is not great. The only unknown is that there may be people who have links on their computers to In summary I’d pass on this one but it is just an example to show the process of picking domains for the parking business.

I’ll provide another update in a couple months.

- Your results may vary dramatically, including the possibility that you could loose all your money.

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