UltSearch and his 164 Million Dollar System

by SMD 

The Expired Domain Name Business

This story is about the closest thing to the perfect internet business model that I have seen. It is the essense of what is possible in the world of hyperlinked computers. It is the story of UltSearch and his expired domain name business and it was inspired by Jscott’s posts on the Rich Dad forum.

It is the business of internet traffic through expired domain names. Traffic is king on the web and in 1998 Yun Ye realized just that. He figured out that by purchasing expired domain names [here's a good book with some background on the domain name business] he could leverage all the links and bookmark traffic that still existed for that domain name.

He would research the names that were expiring and within purchase them the minute they expired. Then he would through up one of his template sites


with a ton of links on it. The hope being that the person would continue to click on his pay per click links.

The plan worked. Considering that domain names can be registered and hosted for under $20 a year, he would only need to make 5 cents a day to break even. Now Mr. Ye scaled out the concept to include over 50,000 domains that require no back link campaigns, no promotion, no content and no search engine optimization and most importantly no maintenance.

This business apparently pulls in 6 figures….A DAY! Last fall Yun Ye cashed in and sold his business for $164 Million.

This is my idea of a perfect business model. Many people have tried and continue to try to imitate his model but in my opinion with the level of competition out there right now it will be difficult to scale out the degree that UltSearch was able to do. But even a fraction of that would be okay with me.

Visit Expired Traffic for a complete rundown on how to identify once thriving, developed websites…register them the moment they expire…and make use of their traffic

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