Carnival of Personal Finance #115

by Jason Dean 

The 115th Carnival of Personal Finance was published by one of my favorite blogs, Free Money Finance.

The following articles were singled out by FMF as the best of the bunch:

Smart Money Remains Fully Invested – The market hasn’t been performing too hot lately. Should you care? As I read posts of personal finance bloggers liquidating accounts and encouraging readers to get out and wait until they feel confident in the market again, I see people falling into the single biggest trap in investing: trying to time the market.

You Don’t Own Real Estate. Real Estate Owns You. – Many Americans believe that real estate can do no wrong as an asset class upon which they can build wealth. I disagree. Building wealth through real estate depends on your ability to distinguish among the three types of real estate ownership – investment, speculative, and personal. If you don’t know the differences, you may soon discover that you don’t own real estate, real estate owns you.

What Were You Thinking When You Purchased Your Home? – So one might wonder, why Michael purchased a home he could not afford. His rationale, an interest-only loan helped us buy a house in an expensive county where we wanted to live and eventually send our children to school.

Cheap Healthy Vacation Food: 61 Tips for Travel Eats on a Budget – What follows is the ultimate guide to saving dough on food while you’re away, with extra emphasis on healthy options.

Choosing Between the Roth or Traditional 403b/401k : Our Decision Process – This is about our personal decision process in choosing between a Roth or Traditional 403b retirement plan at work. We cover both the basic differences and also our specific situation and outlooks.

SmartMoneyDaily’s contribution to the carnival was my article, True Story of a Landlord-Tenant Dispute, which has received quite a few links, diggs, and general accolades from readers — if you haven’t checked it out yet, please do.

I would like to thank Clever Dude, Patrick from Cash Money Life, and everyone else how has linked to this article, and everyone who had the patience to read all 2100 words! It’s very gratifying to know people enjoyed my story — almost as gratifying as the story itself!

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