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cash A few links to share from worthwhile posts in the personal finance blogosphere.

Check out The Open Source Online Finance Guide: 50+ Freeware Online Tools to Manage Your Money free is good… courtesy of The Smart Shopper. It’s a comprehensive list of tools to make managing your finances easier, that are all available free.

Another blog that I enjoy is, it is somewhat refreshing in its approach to finance in the fact that Jon stresses wealth creation by building income rather than scrimping and penny pinching. Personally I believe that every penny does matter, but being too fixated on cutting corners and being tight with money does not lead to my goal of financial freedom.

The Carnival of Personal Finance, edition 142 is up at The Baglady and it contains my article outlining credit score factors. Some of the other highlights:

  • Millionaire Mommy Next Door presents How to Create Lasting Wealth Via Self-Employment. This is a good guide on how to build your own wealth by working for yourself.
  • Kyle from Amateur Asset Allocator gives us a neat little calculator to estimate our own personal inflation rate in the following article: Calculate Your Personal Inflation Rate. Inflation is one of the major, and often overlooked factors in financial planning (the sad reality is that if you’re not getting about 8% a year returns on your investments, you’re probably losing buying power).
  • Invest In India presents Should I invest in Gold ? Gold prices have soared in the last couple years and Tushar has some ideas on how you can profit. I am still kicking myself for not buying more gold Panda coins from China. One of my favorite topics; as the US dollar continues to devalue, hard assets will continue to become more and more popular investments.

Any great stories you found this week? Leave a link in the comments and I’ll link them up next time.

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