Entrepreneurs Who Started (Really) Late

by JS · 3 Comments 

Most people reach a certain age and think that they simply can’t do it (whatever it may be) anymore. I’m here to tell you that this is simply not the case. Yes, when you’re young and fresh, starting a new business or running a marathon can be a lot easier, but that doesn’t mean that [...]

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Inflation and Prices clearly Explaned

In order to understand the effect that inflation has on prices, we need to understand three relationships:

1. The relationship between an item and its value
2. The relationship between supply and demand and prices
3. The relationship between dollars and prices

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No Job? Create your Own!

by JS · 4 Comments 

How many of you have been fired or laid off and are currently looking for another job? Maybe the answer isn’t looking for a job. Maybe the answer is creating a job.  It sounds crazy but more and more people are starting their own businesses in these tough economic times. The idea is that looking [...]

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3 Kid CEOs – Is This Really A Good Thing?

We all want our kids to be successful, but what happens when they are more successful than you could have ever imagined, even while they are still kids? Suddenly, selling those girl scout cookies leads to starting their own bakery business. Having to raise money for a mission trip turns into a project that is [...]

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Obama Will Not Make You Rich!

by JS · 2 Comments 

Okay, the election party is over and Obama is the new great hope for America. But does it really matter who won the election? Of course it does, right? Well I’d say that depends on where you focus your attention. Will he help the economy?  Will he end US health care problems?  Will he provide [...]

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Should you advertise your small business online?

by SMD · 1 Comment 

The trend is towards more advertising going to online ads every year Long standing marketing techniques seem to be going the way of the dinosaur, so to speak. The ever changing business world seems to have taken a turn again. For decades, businesses depended upon word of mouth to get their product in the mind [...]

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What Gives U.S. Dollars Their Value?

Money. We work for it. We buy things with it. We need it for retirement. But what is it, anyway? And what gives our money value? When you take a second to think about it, it’s amazing that people don’t ask these questions of themselves more often. After all, the saying “money makes the world [...]

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Press releases for your small business

If you run a small business in a small town, press releases can generate some pretty big buzz. That’s because small-town newspaper reporters are always looking for something — anything! — to write about. Issuing a press release about your business can make their job easier and result in free publicity for you! Why Would [...]

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Inflation: Your Portfolio’s Worst Nightmare

I’ve been reading through my new copy of The Single Best Investment and right there on page one the author Lowell Miller, slapped me in the face with a very important reminder. An often overlooked, or do I dare to say purposely neglected by most conservative personal finance writers and investment advisers is inflation. Let’s [...]

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Business Lessons from the Ice Rink

I was sitting here thinking about a couple new business ideas and listening to my favorite hockey team on the radio. Between periods there was an interview with the general manager and the interviewer asked him what the best lesson or advice that he ever he ever received for running a hockey team. I found [...]

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