Link Lovin for April & May

Some fancy Mclovin links for this week from posts that I enjoyed 8 Easily Avoidable Causes of Business Debt As an emerging entrepreneur, it is very easy to quickly accumulate debts that are substantial enough to kill your burgeoning business before it even gets off the ground. But it does not have to be that [...]

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Money Link Lovin

The Carnival of Personal Finance was hosted at Million Dollar Journey, so here we go with Smart Money Daily’s contractual obligation post of links to the best of this week’s carnival. I enjoyed this post: Technical Analysis: Three most important rules you must know. A brief summary of the thinking behind technical analysis of the [...]

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Personal Finance Link Roundup & a Contest

The latest UK 20 pound noteincludes some fun holograms. Weekly Link Personal Finance Link Roundup SmartyPig is a simple, smart, fun way to save for a specific goal. Using groundbreaking technology and the latest in security standards, SmartyPig allows you to invite family and friends to contribute to your account, gives you additional incentive boosts [...]

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Money Link McLovin – Personal Finance Style

A few links to share from worthwhile posts in the personal finance blogosphere. Check out The Open Source Online Finance Guide: 50+ Freeware Online Tools to Manage Your Money free is good… courtesy of The Smart Shopper. It’s a comprehensive list of tools to make managing your finances easier, that are all available free. Another [...]

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For the Love of Money – Valentines Carnival Wrap

No two things go better together, in my mind at least, than love and money so with that in mind let’s take a peak into the personal finance blogosphere and see where the best money making & saving tips are hiding. First up is the Carnival of Personal finance edition #139 (wow, makes me reminisce [...]

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Carnival Carnival Carnival Extravaganza

by JS · 2 Comments 

I went carnival wild this week and submitted to three of them. #1 Carnival of Money My favs from the Carnival of Money hosted at Free Money Finance: My Best and Worst Financial Decisions – My best financial decision was marrying a wonderful woman who has managed to stick with me for 19 years and [...]

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Carnival of Personal Finance #119

The 119th Carnival of Personal Finance was posted on Monday. I intended to post my thoughts on it one day later, but the Carnival site was down last night. Without further ado, here are the highlights (according to me, at least): Savings Philosophy #1 (by Exjackly) explores the financial strategy first (I think?) advocated by [...]

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The 118th Carnival of Personal Finance: Fun Money Facts Edition

The 118th edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance was recently published by one of my favorite blogs, Money, Matter, and More Musings. Editor, golbguru, cut down the more than one hundred submissions to a final eighty-eight, one of which was my article, From Finance to Fantasy Football. The editors choice selections were as follows: [...]

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Carnival of Personal Finance #117

The 117th Carnival of Personal Finance was published yesterday by kmull. Unfortunately, I was not able to submit an article for Smart Money Daily, because I was unexpectedly called out of town late last week (minor financial emergency — nothing major, and 100% resolved now). Nevertheless, I thought it was important to highlight some of [...]

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Carnival of Personal Finance #116 – Post-Labor Day Edition

The 116th Carnival of Personal Finance was a day late due to Labor Day — and now I’m a day late posting the recap. Here are the editor‘s picks: Simplify Your Finances (from Gather Little by Little) Making Sure We Both Know Where Our Money Is (from FBB, The Family Finance Blog) The Keys to [...]

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