Paper or Plastic? How are YOU Paying for Gifts this Season?

by SMD · 3 Comments 

According to the National Retail Federation, as reported in today’s USA Today, one third of Americans (32%) are paying for their gifts with credit cards. 40% are using debit cards, which act like an instant check, taking money from their bank account, 6% are using checks, and 22% are using cash. It’s interesting how quickly [...]

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$urviving Christmas: How to Avoid another Credit Card Christmas

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Twas the day after New Year’s, when all through the house Not a creature was stirring, just me and my spouse; We mused at the holiday cheer we had brought To all of our dear ones, with gifts we had bought: From ties, scarves and sweaters to books and CDs, All manner of lip-smacking delicacies, [...]

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True Story of Landlord-Tenant Dispute

This past Wednesday, I had to go to court. It was my first ever experience with the legal system, and yes, I was very nervous. I was being sued by my old landlord in small-claims court, and even though I knew I was in the right, I assumed the judge would have a bias against [...]

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How to Make a Half-Million Dollars by Saving on Your Car Insurance

Could there be a more boring subject in the world than car insurance? Even personal-finance buffs like us tend to get heavy eyelids at the thought of reading yet another generic article called “Ten Tips to Save Money on Car Insurance” — is it just me, or are they all the same? And besides, how [...]

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6 Major Flaws in iPhone. Will Consumers Still Spend the Money?

by JS · 3 Comments 

Is the iPhone the smartest phone for the average consumer’s money? The iPhone is already getting positive reviews. But most reviewers so far, while in awe of the trademark Apple elegance and beauty, also have some serious concerns. What remains unknown at this point is this: Once the first wave of hype buying cycles through, [...]

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