How To Spend Less & Have More Money

A simple system to make you think before you reach for that credit card. For more personal finance articles, you may also want to check out Guy Kawasaki’s newest venture called Budget tip picture by Jeff Keen.

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Tips and Tricks for Raking in Credit Card Miles

With the many credit card options available to consumers in this credit charged market, lenders are constantly under pressure to come up with new, exciting ideas to attract new customers. While low interest rates and miniscule fees are a popular draw, many people demand something better out of their credit card. For some, airline miles [...]

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The Two Faces of Debit Cards

If you’re like many people, you never have a wallet full of cash any more. Whenever you need something, from a video game to a computer to a can of Coke, you pull out your debit card. It’s quick and easy, and you can use a debit card everywhere you can use a credit card. [...]

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Friend or Foe? How to Use Credit Cards to Your Advantage

In the 1990s, prominent personal-finance gurus were nearly unanimous in offering one simple instruction to their debt-ridden followers: Cut up your credit cards! Unfortunately for the people who followed this guidance, it turned out to be a bad advice. After all,  open accounts in good standing look good on your credit report, and if you [...]

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