3 Best Ways to Borrow Money for College

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There are a number of options as to how you can pay for college. Before you look to borrow money, make sure you have fully investigated all the “free money” options at your disposal, including scholarships, grants, and paid internships. Carefully and thoroughly research these options online, and if you need additional assistance, consult your [...]

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How to Handle Tax Debt

When you owe money to the IRS, it can be pretty stressful. The IRS isn’t a good creditor to have. Unlike other companies that you might owe, a cell phone company or a credit card, the IRS doesn’t need to take you to court and ask for a judgment before they begin trying to collect. [...]

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Bankruptcy: Rarely the Right Choice

When our founding fathers established the United States of America, one thing they wanted to handle differently was the treatment of debtors. In Old Europe, people who were unable to pay their debts were thrown into prisons — or in the famous case of Australia, shipped off to a debtors’ colony. The founders of the [...]

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Six Steps to Financial Freedom: A Foolproof System for Getting Out of Debt

Millions of Americans roll out of bed each morning knowing that they will only be able to keep a small fraction of the money they earn that day. When payday comes around, not only do they have to worry about Uncle Sam and the state taxing authorities, but a large portion of what’s left will [...]

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Getting Out of Credit Card Debt

Paying off credit card debt can take decades for many people, especially folks who are only making minimum payments. However, many people are surprised at how easy it can be to find extra money each month to tack on to their credit card payment and how fast they can get out of debt by doing [...]

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