3 Bizarre Banking Stories

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While going about my work this week I noticed a few rather strange stories all related to banks and banking. So I thought I’d package them up…who says banking is boring? Take a moment to read them over, we’ve got trillion dollar overdrafts, million dollar bills and houses sold with the dead owner still inside! [...]

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Personal Finance Web-O-Sphere Roundup

We haven’t done a tour of the best posts in the personal finance world for a while so let’s fire up the tour bus (retrofitted for eco-friendliness of course) and head out onto the web.  This tour is inspired by the following quote: Bill Gates makes over $30 million each night while he sleeps.  Which [...]

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Billion Dollar House – Ultimate Luxury or Living Hell?

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This past week Mukesh Ambani, thanks to a big jump in the Indian stock market, was handed the title of “Richest Man in the World” but sadly for him a day later it turned out to be a miscalculation. Even so, Ambani’s correct net worth is estimated in the $50 Billion range, ranking him comfortably [...]

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Teaching Children About Money

My wife and I brought our first (and only) child into the world on August 26, 2006. Long before that, we had discussed and planned how we would raise our children. My wife, for example, had been subscribing to Parents magazine for the previous nine years, and we had both entered college as Child Development [...]

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Four Easy Ways to Save on College Costs

One of the most difficult things about starting college isn’t having to do your own laundry–it’s navigating the maze of financial aid, student loans, scholarships, and money in general. Luckily, there are a few things that you may not have considered that can help take some stress away from paying for college. 1. Get your [...]

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When and How to Use a 529 College Savings Plan

You don’t have to be a Ph.D. to know that the cost of college tuition has increased tremendously over the course of the past decade. In fact, at a recent annual rate of 6%, the cost of college has outpaced inflation, savings, and most investments! Experts estimate that four years at a private university will [...]

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Outsourcing Your Way to Wealth

So much personal-finance writing is about how you can save money — as if stacking up little green pieces of paper were the purpose of life. In reality, money is worthless: It’s what you can buy with the money that’s important. So why should the focus be on saving? What if you can spend your [...]

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Person-to-Person Lending Lets You Be the Bank!

Why is it that the bank only pays you 2% interest on your savings account, and yet lends money at 6% on mortgages, or even 10% or higher on car loans? Obviously, the bank has to make a profit and there’s certainly nothing wrong with profits. But there is something wrong with banks’ monopoly status [...]

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Is Your Realtor Looking Out for Your Best Interests?

In the pantheon of distrusted professionals, real-estate agents rank somewhere between used-car salesmen and lawyers. In large part, this reputation is unjust. Many Realtors are true professionals who offer valuable expertise and take much of the headache out of buying or selling a home. But the entire system of real-estate agency — monopolized by the [...]

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Pareto’s Law: The 80/20 Principle

Very few people have ever heard of Vilfredo Pareto, but most of us are familiar with his eponymous Law, more commonly known as the 80/20 Rule. It states that 80% of consequences flow from 20% of causes — in other words, 80% of good stuff comes from 20% of sources (people, activities, etc.); and 80% [...]

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