Celebrity Foreclosures – How Can it Happen?

by JS · 7 Comments 

Two big celebrities faced foreclosure this week, as both Ed McMahon and Evander Holyfield joined the more than one million Americans being sucked under by the dive in real estate values. Since we idolize and fanaticize about the live’s of the rich & famous, is there a financial reality lesson here? Ed McMahon Ed McMahon: [...]

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What’s In Your Wallet? Probably Cocaine!

by JS · 8 Comments 

You know how you always feel a little uneasy going through airport security, even though you know you didn’t do anything and there isn’t really any possible why that you could be guilty of any of the myriad of crimes they are attempting to detect? Well, not so fast…your wallet may just contain enough coke [...]

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Foreclosure Auctions: How to Buy a Foreclosed Home Part Three

Buying foreclosed real estate at auction is becoming more lucrative in recent months, but there are many things about the process that buyers should understand before they walk into the fire. It’s not quite as simple as just going into an auction and bid on a home. There is a laundry list of things that [...]

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Six True Stories of people Who Found Cash and Turned it In. Would You Do the Same?

by SMD · 11 Comments 

Being smart with your money isn’t only about investing and budgeting. It’s also about getting to know your attitudes, beliefs and values around money. Not to judge them as right or wrong, so much as just to become familiar with where our choices are coming from. Most of us have considered the question “If you [...]

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Hiding Money and Valuables at Home: Tips and Tricks

by SMD · 1 Comment 

I remember my grandmother used to keep three $100 bills in an envelope, and she’d put three marks on the outside, and keep it in a drawer. I never was convinced that was the best way to hide money in your house. But what are the best strategies for hiding valuables in your house, to [...]

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Billion Dollar House – Ultimate Luxury or Living Hell?

by JS · 274 Comments 

This past week Mukesh Ambani, thanks to a big jump in the Indian stock market, was handed the title of “Richest Man in the World” but sadly for him a day later it turned out to be a miscalculation. Even so, Ambani’s correct net worth is estimated in the $50 Billion range, ranking him comfortably [...]

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True Story of Landlord-Tenant Dispute

This past Wednesday, I had to go to court. It was my first ever experience with the legal system, and yes, I was very nervous. I was being sued by my old landlord in small-claims court, and even though I knew I was in the right, I assumed the judge would have a bias against [...]

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6 Major Flaws in iPhone. Will Consumers Still Spend the Money?

Is the iPhone the smartest phone for the average consumer’s money? The iPhone is already getting positive reviews. But most reviewers so far, while in awe of the trademark Apple elegance and beauty, also have some serious concerns. What remains unknown at this point is this: Once the first wave of hype buying cycles through, [...]

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To Bankruptcy and Back: My Story

by SMD · 10 Comments 

I invited a friend of mine to share his experience of bankruptcy. The following is a true story… Hopefully, you’ll never have to face the decision of whether or not to declare bankruptcy. But for those of you who are in a situation in which it’s time to at least consider it, I can tell [...]

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5 Ways to Make Money from Global Warming

by SMD · 9 Comments 

As every investor knows, the easiest way to make money is to ride long term trends. Every indication suggests that the issue of global warming is a long way from going away; on the contrary it is only beginning to gain traction on the agendas of governments around the world. The following are 5 ways [...]

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