Artistic personal checks make it possible for the artist in you to design your own checks and let your artistic flare come out. Remember that the more creativity you put into designing your artistic checks, the more your artistic personal checks will come out looking like masterpieces. Some check providers go the extra mile and give you a great selection not only of artistic personal checks; they can offer check designs that showcase the artist’s tool, i.e. crayons, paint brushes, pencils, markers and such. Such designs should complete your personal checks art collection.

However, artistic personal checks are not something that banks offer; artistic personal checks are available only when you order checks online. Instead of insisting that your bank offer artistic personal checks in their catalog, just go online and get your designer checks for a price so much lower than what your regular bank check order costs you.

Special Offers Online

Some vendors have ongoing promotions where you will get the second box for 49c if you order artistic personal checks. Others have similar offers where you will get a free box of personalized labels with every two boxes of designer personal checks. In addition, some online check providers give you get a low, low price for a package order of artistic personal checks, labels, matching checkbook cover, and other check accessories. If you’re an existing customer, some check vendors will also you price cuts if you reorder personal checks from them.

The point is, since the check printing industry has become so competitive, there will always be a freebie with first-time purchases and discounts with succeeding artistic check purchases; such promotions apply on sports personal checks or even those bearing an exclusive designer personal check design.

Choose your Design

You also get the chance to design fun personal checks with online check providers – something your bank doesn’t really encourage when you get your bank checks from them. You can choose from a wide array of artistic personal check templates. For a soothing effect, you may even have inspirational art stamped on your check.

For an added effect, you may also choose to design personal checks with texts that mean something to you or a phrase that you always sign your letters (e.g. mon cherie). If you have a myriad of personal check designs in mind, you could order a different design for your personal and business checks. You may also choose to get personal photo checks. There are check printing services online that will let you personalize the background image on your personal bank checks. Thus, you can go to the website of an image checks vendor, submit your child’s photo, and order personal checks that have your child’s photo for a background. By doing this, you will always have your loved ones’ photo with you wherever you and your artistic personal checks go.

For a full selections of check purchase options and to receive free shipping on your first order, visit Artistic Checks.

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