Bradford checks have an advantage over other bank check brands and check printers: Color. Check Bradford Exchange Checks on the web then browse over your check design options and you will see one colorful Bradford check after another. Bradford Check Exchange, it seems, specializes in producing the most colorful checks online.

Personal Designer Checks at Bradford

Bradford checks are synonymous with artistic checks. Go through all the designs and you will see a lot that will catch your fancy. For instance, there are “Celebrate Life” personal check designs for people who love life. There are Christian check templates for the religious, dog breed check choices for the canine lover, and American check designs for the patriotic. Bradford checks also come in various formats. They have top stub and side tear checks. You can buy singles or duplicates. Furthermore, the Bradford checks exchange company’s wide array of check products include check accessories such as checks’ address labels, checkbook covers and check binders even printer checks.

Bradford Check Ordering

The Bradford checks company has an easy system for people who want to order or reorder checks. It is a simple matter of filling out the required fields and getting your credit card payment approved. A check reorder, naturally, is processed faster than a first-time check order.

The Bradford Checks Service

For anyone who wants a checking account lesson, plans on learning how to write checks properly or wishes to know the important parts of a check, you can now learn all that you want to know at the Bradford checks website. The Bradford Check company offers checkbook lessons.

Security of Bradford Checks

For people who use checks, security is a big issue. Bank check fraud is so rampant today that it has become a standard operation procedure to verify whether a check is authentic or not.

Bradford Exchange Checks have an intricate security system that protects their customers against check tampering schemes. Bradford checks incorporate several security measures including micro-security print, chemical protection, erasure protection, “original document” security screen, and the quintessential padlock icon.

The minor security print can only be seen when using magnifiers. The chemical protection and the erasure protection both protects against alteration by causing a stain to appear at the back of the check. Sure, this might cause you to waste a bit of money whenever you make a mistake in writing but it’s all for your own protection so it shouldn’t be much of an issue. Also, the “original document” security screen prevents duplication by means of photocopying. The padlock icon also indicates to bank personnel that security features are installed on Bradford checks.

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