The Deluxe Checks Brand

Delux (Deluxe) Checks is one of the most well-known check brands online. has millions of loyal customers; in fact, your bank might be one of them. Who knows? When you order business check or personal check through your online banking services, you might actually be ordering bank checks from Deluxe.

Why is a deluxe check preferred by so many people? What is it with delux checks that makes the brand so popular?

Deluxe Checks Features

Delux checks have all the standard security features – and more. Usually, checks have micro prints or minute, printed characters that do not lend themselves well to photocopying, which is the usual way by which a check is duplicated by criminals. Aside from that, however, delux checks have a lightly printed message that cannot be easily photocopied; this “security screen” acts as a backup to the micro prints.

Delux checks are also protected against tampering. When someone attempts to erase or alter printed data, the check paper will spot. If handwritten information is erased, on the other hand, delux checks will stain. Other optional security features could be activated as well, depending on the type of check ordered.

Delux checks are quite fun, too, because they can be individualized. You can order designer bank checks that speak about your personality and display your originality. Buy some check accessories that have the same artistic check design and you’ll have one cool checkbook to flash around. Since deluxe check printers also offer cheap check printing, your checkbook order from should cost you less than it normally does when you order checks from your bank.

Deluxe Checks: Business and Personal

When it comes to personal checks, deluxe has a lot of designs for you to choose from. The check designs are also organized according to clear-cut categories, so you shouldn’t find it difficult to discover the design that you want for your personal deluxe checks. Another alternative is the popular Bradford checks brand.

The deluxe check printing service also provides a wide range of checkbook solutions for business. If you need business checks (QuickBooks check, Quicken check, etc), voucher checks, labels, and other business check products, you are likely to find them all at Deluxe. So if you have no time nor need for printing checks of your own, simply order them from this check vendor.

If you need some checkbook lessons, you will find Deluxe has well detailed help files and how-t0 guides to purchasing and using checks and checkbooks.

Ordering Checks

For deluxe check orders visit the Deluxe website. For a deluxe check reorder, you simply have to log on to the site with your bank or financial information; do not forget to fill in the check number field. You can also order delux checks via phone.

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