What are printer checks? Well, they are basically blank check paper whose missing fields can be filled in using check writing or check printing software. For this reason, they are also commonly known as blank checks and printable checks. The name and address of the account owner, the bank routing number and the checking account information are already pre-printed.


Tow major categories exist: there are laser printer checks and there are also inkjet printer checks. Obviously, a laser printer check has to be printed using a laser printer whereas an inkjet printer check is compatible with inkjet printers.


Printer checks are especially suitable for business operations use. A business owner or a human resource person usually pays employees by using paychecks. If he has to fill in the check fields manually, there’s a very big chance that he will commit mistakes. Such mistakes can be costly – they can be grounds for legal action or steep fines.

If a business, however, uses ready-to-print checks, he can simply call out a payroll file that has been created using a payroll program and start printing his business checks; QuickBooks is a good application to use for filling in the check fields.

The MICR Check

Printer checks are pre-printed with the checking account information and other pertinent information about the account owner. If such pre-printed checks have the MICR font, the better they are.

MICR check printing is done using magnetic ink. An MICR printed check can be processed faster as the MICR characters can be read by check-reading machines. Unfortunately, not all printable check varieties use this technology.

Procuring Printer Checks

The easiest way of procuring some printable check products (including laser printer label) is by ordering bank checks online. Online, there are lots of online check merchants that sell discount computer checks. Aside from selling cheap business checks, however, they can also provide designer personal checks. They also usually offer both inkjet and laser computer checks as well as custom printed checks such as collegiate checks.

These vendors, however, need to comply with certain rules and regulations like Act 690 – Check Printer and Check Number Act. Thus, your checks printer must verify the accuracy of your personal information before it can approve your check order.

Printing Checks

First you must procure a compatible printer. If you are using laser-compatible paper, you can have your business or personal checks printed in a jiffy. Laser check printing is very fast, after all. You must also use a check writing program so that you can properly position the information you’ll be adding on to your printer checks.

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