Bradford Exchange Checks

In the time that we have been affiliated with the online check printers, the Bradford Exchange Checks company has distinguished itself clearly above all the rest.  Bradford Checks has three distinct areas of advantage:

  • their association with the famous Bradford Exchange antiques and collectibles.
  • their amazingly high quality designer check artwork and top quality check printing techniques.
  • they have the best prices available for buying checks online.

When you combine these factors it is easy to see why Bradford Exchange checks is one of the leaders in the check printing industry.

Bradford Exchange Check Prices

Actually, considering the very high quality and superior images, Bradford Exchange checks are surprisingly the one of the least expensive places to buy checks.

In my own opinion, Bradford Exchange provides superior check images and at significant savings. See the example below for a comparison with another leading check printing company

Bradford Exchange Example 4 Checks Example
Tropical Paradise Personal Check Designs
Tropical Paradise Personal Check Designs

Island Paradise Checks

2 Boxes    $14.95
2 Boxes    $16.95!


2 boxes $21.90
2 boxes $29.90

Bradford Exchange Checks Coupon

No coupons are required to save money at Bradford Exchange. They offer the lowest prices every day with Special Offer – 50% Savings off of regular bank check pricing.

Bradford Checks

Bradford Checks Company

Bradford Exchange Checks…does the name ring a bell? Yes, it is “that” Bradford Exchange, the company that has a worldwide reputation for quality art, antiques and collectibles.

Bradford Exchange Checks is an affiliated company of The Bradford Exchange™, a recognized world authority in fine collectible art since 1973. It was a natural combination to unite exclusive designer personal checks with masterpieces by today’s top artists from The Bradford Exchange. This inspired pairing of personal check printing and fine artistry thrilled collectors and art enthusiasts alike.

Bradford Exchange Checks Bradford Exchange Checks are located in Niles, Illinois and offer checks to consumers through their website at BradfordExchangeChecks.Com

You can watch our complete video review of Bradford Designer Checks which includes security tips and a full tour of their check purchase process.

Bradford Exchange Bank Checks Varieties

Bradford Exchange offers personal designer checks in 13+ categories. Below I have listed some of the main categories of checks designs with a couple examples from each category.

See All Personal Check Designs from the Bradford Exchange.

Dog & Cat Checks

Pug, Yorkie, Golden Retriever checks as well as many other breeds to represent the dogs. “Cat Naps”, Kittens, and 7 other scenes as backgrounds to express your love of cats on your personal checks.

Inspirational & Angels Checks

Celebrate Life, Jesus, Light of the World Inspirational Christian Check Designs, Footprints in the Sand and Angel Kisses are just a few of the many Inspirational & Angel Check Designs found on Bradford Exchange Checks.

Sea & Shore Checks

Rainbows Checks, Majestic America, Seaside Reflections, Rainbow Reef Personal Checks are some of the stunning seaside scenes the Bradford Exchange artists have transcribed onto personal checks.

Fun & Cool Checks

Maxine Personal Checks, Jim Benton It’s Happy Bunny Personal Check Designs, Care Bear Checks and Family Guy Personal Check featuring Stewie are all available in Bradford’s Fun & Cool Checks section. Each style comes with 4 different variations in each box.

Movie Checks

Follow the Yellow Brick Road Wizard of OZ™ Checks, Remembering Elvis Personal Check Designs, John Wayne: An American Legend, The Lord of the Rings™ LOTR Checks and Gone With the Wind™ round out the selection of movie checks available from Bradford Exchange.

American Pride Checks

America’s National Parks Personal Check Designs, American Heartland Personal Check Designs, Waves of Freedom, Courage Under Fire Firefighter Check Designs are all featured in this popular patriotic check category.

Bradford also offers classic bank personal checks, if you’re like me, and prefer practical solutions. See All Personal Check Designs from the Bradford Exchange.

Check Formats

The Bradford Exchange offers all of their checks designs in all the most popular formats. These include:

Top-Tear Checks

Bradford offers top-tear checks as a courtesy. These checks are less common than than the more traditional side tear checks. Essentially they are the same but with the perforation along the top of the check rather than on the side. These are also known as “single wallet checks”.

Side-Tear Checks

Side tear checks are similar to top-tear or single wallet checks, except they tear from the left side of the checkbook instead of the top.

Top-Stub Checks

A stub is provided at the top of each check for recording the transaction. This convenience eliminates the need to flip to your check register every time you write a check.

Home Desk Checks

Desk set checks are classy style of checks that come three-to-a-page and fit into a binder, or desk set checkbook. Stubs to the left of each check are provided for recording your transactions.

As well as these four formats, all check styles are available as either “singles” or “duplicates”. The difference being that duplicates have a build in “carbon” under each check, so you’re retain a copy of the check’s information after you have written the check. Purchasing duplicate checks is highly recommended.

Bradford Exchange Accessories

Address Labels

Bradford offers a full range of address labels in styles that match or coordinate with their check styles. There site makes it easy to order, since they display matching address labels on every check page, or you can see all the labels as a separate category.

Checkbook Covers

Thomas Kinkade's Lighthouses Inspirational Art Checkbook Cover Bradford Exchange Checks offers genuine leather checkbook covers to match almost all of the designer check styles. The secure zippered personal checkbook cover wallets are very popular, and the styling on all the designs is the highest quality.

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