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If you have procrastinated and found that you’re down to your last book of checks, or as we have had in the past your last check, don’t despair. I’m going to show you how you can set up a simple system to avoid ever running out of checks again.

Most people think that they have to settle for the drab blue design that they get from the bank or the three variations of puppies and roses that they offer. You no longer have to settle for paying through the nose and getting your checks late in the mail.

If I could show you a better way to order your personal checks and get them almost overnight would you be interested in finding out how? There is a simple way to do this that’s almost foolproof. Imagine if you are down to that last check and this is the end of the month. It’s time to pay those bills.

You’re figuring that you’re going to have to pay all these people with your credit card if you can’t get your act together. Here’s what you’re going to do: Get to your computer and punch in the search term “buy personal checks”. Review a few of the sites; choose one that has lots of checkbook style selections. This is going to be the fun part; choosing a really cool style that represents your personality.

There is such a wide variety to choose from and if you’re like me, you have varied interests from sports to religion, movies to music. I usually end up choosing the football motif that displays my favorite team but you can make your own choices.

Here are my top 10 reasons to order your personal checks online:

  1. It’s convenient
  2. It’s fun to choose your own style
  3. Make it a creative venture
  4. Promote your hobby or small business by branding your checks with a photo
  5. Display your hobbies or interests
  6. It’s as easy as a few mouse clicks and then you’re done
  7. It’s safe and secure
  8. You can even get automatic notices to remind you to reorder
  9. Many offer free shipping as part of their package
  10. You can even get overnight delivery in many cases

Once you’ve made your choice, decide if you’re going to accessorize with a custom-designed checkbook cover, personalized address labels or other products offered. The cool thing about being able to custom design your checkbook is that you have something that is unique to your style. There are options available for putting your picture on your checkbook.

If you feel so inclined you can even add your own phrase or monogram. There really is a limitless opportunity for self-expression in an area many thought to be dull and humdrum. So, the next time you come up short on checks and have to scramble to make a re-order, remember what I said; there is no longer an excuse for going down to your last check anymore.

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