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How to Digitally Deposit a Check Image

For a lot of people the idea of “never stepping foot in a bank again” would be a dream come true. Now it seems the banks are ready to cooperate with their latest innovation called, digital image check deposit. Digital image deposit allows business and consumer banking clients to deposit check from their home or [...]

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Harland Checks Decline in Check Usage

This is an interesting story for those of us in the “checks” business. It is the Harland Checks company financial statement. Their company lost about 10 times as much as they had in the previous year and among the reasons management stated for the losses was this: the maturity of the principal industry in which [...]

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Check Fraud Scam to Beware Of

Here’s a story about a woman who, along with a couple accomplices managed to defraud over $150,000 from people by a simple trick to gain access to their checking account information: Hudson said the fraud involved the changing of customers’ information on their own accounts with Wells Fargo. “(Carmichael) and her accomplices were changing the [...]

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Day in the Life of a Check

The life of a check starts as soon as you deposit it into your bank. Our checks are taken cared of by professionals that handle millions of people’s financial statements everyday of the year, 24 hours a day. Checks are sorted via their account numbers, routing numbers, then tagged with micro ink. A check then [...]

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Overdraft Tutorial

Banks have policies that they follow before they credit or take the money in your account whenever you make a purchase or when you make a deposit. Knowing the available balance that you have and the exact amount of money you can use from your bank account is important in order to avoid overdrawing your [...]

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