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Yes, you can find checks a lot cheaper by purchasing them online!

The first place I’ll direct you to for cheap checks is our checks coupon pages, where savings of up to 50% over bank prices are available:

If you need either personal or business checks it boils down to three options.

cheap checks

Discount Cheap Checks

The first option is that you can order from you bank, but since you’re here on our “Cheap Checks” page, it is safe to assume that you already understand the problem with that approach: banks charge a lot for personal checks, and even more for business checks.

The second method to try and save money on checks it to print you own. Now just about everyone has a printer that can handle the check stock, and is capable of printing checks, but a word of caution here: printing your own checks is not 100% straightforward.

You’ll probably need special software, although something like Quickbooks can certainly do the job, besides a printer that you already have, you will need special paper, called check printing stock and lastly checks are best printed with magnetic ink. The reason for this is that it enables banks to scan the account tracking codes via computer which speeds up check processing. has a more detailed guide to DIY cheap
check printing

The Best Way to Buy Cheap Checks

The last option for obtaining checks at a discount is to order cheap personal checks online. Most online check printing companies like 4Checks or Checks Unlimited offer checks considerably cheaper than at your
local bank.

Both of these companies have been checking industry leaders for many years and have a history of reliability, high quality service and integrety.

The other advantage of ordering for one of these independent check companies is that they offer a huge selection check styles and yes even the most elaborate styles are still quite inexpensive, but they also have a full range of checking accessories including: checkbook covers and address labels.

Cheap Business Checks

Buying checks at a discount to the price at the bank is not limited to personal checks, you can buy cheap business checks online too. Checks Unlimited has top
quality business checks for about 50% off
of what you would pay at your financial institution. Their checks are available in styles that are compatible with all the major financial software packages including: Quicken, Quickbooks, Microsoft Money, Peachtree and others.